Week 4 Update


Constructed elevator


Re-wired speed controller to work with CAN


Sold remaining light bulbs from last year’s LED Light bulb fundraiser

Demonstrated 2013 Robot at JV Basketball game


Week 1 Update

-Finished the first pneumatics board.IMG_20081231_190257

-Started a new T-shirt &  flag design.

-New sponsors: Twin City Lyons, Red Jacket Rotary & Simco  Galleria!Untitled

-Built the electrical board.IMG_20081231_190144

-Modified frame IMG_20081231_190209

-Chose C++ as coding language.

-Updated control station & Robo Reo.



Food Rotation list

Scitobor Robotics Food Rotation

2015 Build Season


The following assignments have been given to each student on the team to provide lunch during the meeting indicated. Each group is responsible for the following:

  • Notifying Mr. Sarazyn ASAP if there is a conflict
    • In the event of a conflict, we will negotiate trading with other students
  • Notifying an officer 1 week in advance of what will be served
  • Providing food, beverages, cups, plates, napkins & any necessary cutlery on your assigned day to feed ~20 people
  • Contact Mr. Sarazyn with any questions or concerns.

Note that the end of the build season (Saturday 2/14 through Tuesday 2/17) we will plan on meeting every day. There is no school during the week of 2/16 through 2/20.


Saturday 1/10/2015

Davin B & Owen B


Saturday 1/17/2015

Daria A & Sabrina B


Saturday 1/24/2015

Adam A & Nick B


Saturday 1/31/2015

Christian B & Cal C


Saturday 2/7/2015

Tyler C & Dylan C


Saturday 2/14/2015

Ashleigh F & Nathan L


Sunday 2/15/2015
David K & Alex M

Monday 2/16/2015

Remi R & Trenton R


Tuesday 2/17/2015

Jesse H & Caitlin U


Special Assignment*

Jon F, Ryan M, & Walter S


*Students under special assignment will be assigned as needed during the season with fair warning (notified 1+ week in advance)