Team Updates

Upper Mechanical Team:
• Working on catapult launch system
• Working on rolling grab system
Lower Mechanical Team
• Finished design of drive system
• Waiting on part order for assembly
Electrical Team
• Preparing control system for new frame
• Configuring software for control board and operator console
• Working on website
• Working on t-shirts
• Sponsor thank you letters
• Planning a team building exercise
• Completed construction of castle, tower and ramps

Thanks to our sponsors

Team 1585 would like to thank George and Sal Schaertl, M&S Tree Service, Willow Bend Farm, Rochester Insulated Glass, Turner Schrader Post 34, Zimmerman & Tyo Attorneys, and Parks & Tolpa Construction for sponsoring us for the 2016 build season. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


During the 2015 Ra Cha Cha Ruckus our team Scitobor Robotics, came in 12th in the qualification matches. We got bumped up into 8th place and became an alliance captain but we were soon adopted into the 6th alliance team. We then went down in the quarter finals with our allies after a full fun day. 20151017_164932IMG_1855